Crunchy Feather Wand
VEE Enterprises

Crunchy Feather Wand

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Entertain your cat for hours with this feather wand cat toy! It features a 32-inch clear flexible wand for you to easily hold and a 36-inch reinforced cord that resists fraying and breakage from rough play for your kitty. This wand cat toy includes two different interchangeable end attachments to keep your cat engaged. One attachment is made of natural feathers surrounding a crunchy and tear-resistant plastic, the second option is a blend and array of natural feathers. 

  • 32-inch clear flexible wand
  • 36-inch colored reinforced cords
  • Two toys in one: Two different interchangeable end attachments 
  • Patented flexi-neck for bounce and safety
  • All feathers are natural and naturally treated 
  • Play preference: Bird