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Clik-R Training Tool | PetSafe


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Make training easy and fun with PetSafe’s Clik-R Dog Training Tool! Simply click the device to let your dog know that it’s time to train and that she’s about to get a treat for all her hard work. After continuous use, your smart pup will start associating the click with a tasty reward and will be ready for almost any command you throw her way! This training tool comes with a finger strap, located on the back for an easy, comfortable and secure grip and every purchase comes with an introductory training guide to help you and your canine companion get started.

Key Benefits
  • Helps your dog associate the sound of the click with a training command and a tasty reward, of course!
  • The included finger strap allows you to easily hold the clicker with one hand.
  • Compact for easy portability so you can train your dog almost anywhere!
  • Comes with a handy introductory clicker training guide to help you get started.
  • PetSafe’s purple Click-R is designed to make training easy and fun.