Cat Nail Clippers

Cat Nail Clippers

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Take the hesitation out of at-home nail trimming with ConairPRO Soft Grip Cat Nail Clippers. Allowing you to finally take care of your kitty’s nails with confidence, these clippers feature a heavy-duty spring action that swiftly cuts through the nail, while the safety guard prevents you from going too short. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable fit for any sized hands, and the non-slip grip means you don’t have to worry about it moving at the last second.
  • Ergonomic handle and non-slip grip mean you can cut with comfort and confidence.
  • Heavy-duty spring action and stainless steel cutting blades allows you to cut nails accurately.
  • Stainless steel safety guard helps prevent from cutting the nail too close to the quick, creating a negative experience.
  • Small size is ideal for small to medium breed dogs, while the large is better for medium to large breed dogs.
  • Safety guard keeps clippers closed when not in use, preventing accidental injury.