Tuna Fillet in Calamari Broth | Inaba

Tuna Fillet in Calamari Broth | Inaba

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Your kitty’s tastebuds will love the seafood sensation of Inaba Ciao’s Grain-Free Grilled Tuna Fillet in Calamari Flavored Broth. The delicious cat treat is hand-cut, lightly grilled, and created with the freshest ingredients. For optimum nutrition, the fillet is packed with protein, real dolphin-safe tuna, and plenty of Vitamin E to promote a healthy and shiny fur coat. They are also free of artificial ingredients like grains, preservatives, and coloring. Feed it to your kitty as a well deserved treat or add it to one of their favorite meals for added nutrition and flavor.

  • Vacuum sealed packaging to ensure freshness.
  • Provides hydration in every bite to help with urinary and overall health.
  • Low in calories.
  • Designed for feeding by hand.
  • Made with real dolphin-safe tuna.

Ingredients: Tuna, Natural Calamari Flavored Broth, Vitamin E Supplement, Green Tea Extract.