The Ultimate Litter Box | Pioneer Pet
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The Ultimate Litter Box | Pioneer Pet

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A litter box is just a litter box… unless it's an ultimate one! With SmartCat's Ultimate Litter Box, pets and their parents get a modern design and smart solution to the kitty bathroom. It has an oversized rim to make lifting easier, and high, ramped sides that allow easy waste removal but keep litter and waste from being kicked out.

  • Designed to help keep the litter contained in the box with its high sides. Perfect for cats that tend to kick their litter.
  • Made with durable plastic resin, this product is meant to last and will stand the test of time!
  • Easy to pick-up and clean, this sturdy and attractive litter box will suit your cat’s instinctual behaviors and that will make you both happy.
  • New, updated, modern design will fit with any décor and is perfect for any household.
  • Includes new ramped sides for handy litter removal. Meant to be large and oversized to give even the largest cats plenty of room.