Rawz Chicken & Turkey for Dog 20lb

Rawz Chicken & Turkey for Dog 20lb

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  • Meal Free Dry Dog Food For All Life Stages & All Breeds
  • We Believe That Rendered Meals Such As Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Or Lamb Meal Provide A Very Good Economical Source Of Concentrated Protein, But We Feel That Dehydrated Chicken Is Even Better. Rawz Uses Only Dehydrated Chicken As Our Natural Concentrated Protein Source. Our Dehydrated Chicken Has A Higher P.E.R. Value (Protein Efficiency Ratio) Than Rendered Meals.
  • It Is Gently Cooked At Much Lower Temperatures, Which Helps Retain Protein And Amino Acids, Keeping The Protein In A More Natural State
  • Rawz Has 12% Fat Naturally Present, Which We Feel Is A Thoughtful Level For Today’s Moderately Active Pet. Most Fats Are Added To Pet Foods To Enhance Palatability. Comprised Of Gently Cooked Meat, Rawz Is Highly Palatable Without The Need For Added Fats.
  • Good food takes time to prepare. For that reason, RAWZ is gently cooked in smaller batches to a level that ensures food safety, and nothing more. The moisture in our fresh poultry and fish supply everything needed to cook the food in their own juices.