Non-Skid Wire Stand Dining Table 10" | PetRageous

Non-Skid Wire Stand Dining Table 10" | PetRageous

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PetRageous elevated dining tables stop pets of all ages from straining their necks and shoulders, and makes eating and drinking easier for older, arthritic pets. Product engineered with a powder coated metal finish on a heavy duty steel frame with non-skid rubber feet. Designed exclusively without bowls so that you can customize your pet's dining area.

Key Benefits
  • Made from heavy duty powder coated black steel, this frame is very durable and fits various sizes of either two stainless, stoneware or designer plastic bowls
  • Non-skid rubber feet prevent your pet's food and water bowls from sliding across your home
  • The perfect solution for older, arthritic pets that have a hard time straining to neck and shoulders to eat and drink
  • Holds multiple sized bowls so replacements are interchangeable
  • Complete dining station adds to home decor