Aqua Plus Water Conditioner

Aqua Plus Water Conditioner

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Make your tap water safe for tropical fish with Fluval Total Protection Water Conditioner. Tap water contains chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals and other elements that are toxic to fish. Fluval Total Protection Water Conditioner neutralizes these toxins effectively making tap water safe for fish. Formulated with pure herbal extracts, it visibly reduces stress in fish caused by transport, handling and acclimatization. Fluval Total Protection Water Conditioner also coats scales and fins to protect against scrapes and cuts. way.

Key Benefits
  • Complete tap water conditioner that makes tap water safe for fish, removing chlorine, chloramine and metals
  • Formulated with pure herbal extracts
  • Reduces fish stress for and provides a healthy aquarium environment
  • Coats and protects fish scales and fins, protecting against scrapes and cuts
  • Helps to neutralize harmful metal toxins in water

Dosing Instructions:

  • To remove chlorine: 5 mL treats 10 gallons
  • To remove chloramine and to protect scales & fins: 10 mL treats 10 gallons