5" Curly Bully Stick Low Odor
The Natural Dog Company

5" Curly Bully Stick Low Odor

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A pizzle is cut lengthwise into strips and each strip is curled into a spring shape and then baked.

Chew Time: A long lasting chew for puppies and small dogs.

Recommended for: Small to medium-sized dogs under 30lbs. Appropriate for all life stages.

This is NOT an odor free bully stick. There is some noticeable odor especially while being chewed. Dogs who are finicky eaters tend to be attracted to stronger smelling foods, so the low odor bully sticks may be a good recommendation for these types of dogs. This is the perfect first chew for a puppy. It's durable enough to keep a puppy occupied for a long time, yet softer than a regular straight bully stick (since it's made out of a strip of pizzle, rather than the entire thickness). 

These spiral shaped chews provide an interesting texture for dogs to gnaw on. Since it's not a straight stick, it'll be more difficult for dogs who are enthusiastic gulpers to swallow it whole.

Ingredients: 100% grassfed beef pizzle.

Country of Origin: South America